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Live Training March 12 at 12pm ESt

The secret to connecting with soulmate clients on autopilot, lies within your niche

In this comprehensive live training I'll teach you how to define your niche and target your ideal clients to position yourself an authority in your space and elevate your brand (and make more money online).

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"If you try to be someone for everyone, you'll be nothing to no one".  Narrowing your niche can seem scary, but in speaking to a smaller audience you have a higher earning potential because this audience is filled with your ideal clientele. By getting clear on a niche market, you're positioning yourself as the expert in one space + solving one consumer group's problem rather than many.

Appealing to everyone won't set you apart, so getting clear on who you're serving in what market, positions you as an expert, allows you to increase your prices + makes you more appealing than your competitors. 

What's so important about my niche anyway?

In this training you'll learn:

Why defining your niche is important is pertinent if you want to scale your business

The benefits of narrowing your niche in your industry + how to apply that to your brand 

The difference between niching down + an ideal client + how to find your ideal clients within your niche

How to position yourself as an authority in your niche + stand out amongst your competitors

Marketing strategies for targeting ideal clients within your niche (not just on Instagram)

How to consistently attract ideal clients + work with people you're obsessed with

What should be on your website to clearly speak to your audience 

Know the exact content to be sharing to share your expertise + be the go-to in your space

I need all of this

Imagine If:

Every time you posted on Instagram your ideal clients engaged with your content + inquired to work with you

You consistently got inquiries from soulmate clients you were so excited to work with

Your website and content is clear what you do, who you serve + how you can help

You were invited to speak in masterminds, on podcasts and other events as an authority in your space

This training is made to help you align your online presence + elevate your brand by positioning you as an authority in your space.

So ready for that!

Who this training is for



Creative entrepreneurs

As a brand designer and strategist, my expertise is in helping coaches align + elevate their brands. Over the years, I've worked with hundreds of coaches to position them in authorities in their space through design + strategy + will be teaching those exact tactics during this training. 

From burned out freelancer, to CEO of a multi-six figure design agency, I know a thing or two about what niching down can do for the success of your design studio. In this training, I'll be sharing my journey + the exact steps I took to become the brand guru for coaches in the wellness space. 

If you're a motivated creative entrepreneur ready to make more money online, you will have a lot of take-aways from this training. Although I'll be using personal examples + strategies we use for our clients, these strategies apply to all types of businesses. 

What's included

90 minute training covering everything about defining your niche + attracting your ideal clients on autopilot. If we have to go past that time, we will! 

90+ minute live training

Answering all of your questions specific to your business + anything else you have questions about. If we have to go past the time, we will - leaving nothing unanswered.

Live Q+A with Olivia

A comprehensive workbook for you to work on after the training and take action on everything you learned + apply it to your business.  

20+ page workbook

You'll get the replay from this training (whether or not you attend live) + have lifetime access to this training to come back to every once and a while!

Replay + Lifetime access

Save your seat

Define your niche Live training

Scale your business fueled by ideal clients

Become the go-to guru in your niche

Get consistent leads on autopilot

Easily create high-converting content

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My journey in niching down

In 2018 I was a graphic designer for everyone and everything. I invoiced by an hourly rate, took on random jobs from anyone that would pay me and called myself a "freelancer". I was burnt out from working 12+ hour days and barely making any money, stressed from working with clients who didn't appreciate my work and tired of working FOR clients vs. with them.

Over the last three years, I've narrowed down my niche from graphic designer for creatives to brand designer for coaches and it was the best decision I've ever made for my business.

Since narrowing my niche I work with ideal clients that appreciate my work, feel stress-free in my work days + have double my revenue every year to now run a multi-six figure design business.

Attract ideal clients on autopilot + elevate your brand

Live training • March 12 at 12pm ESt

I'm so ready!