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You have a purpose inside of you that matters oh so much and we want to help you get it out into the world. You made it your mission to help others live their happiest + healthiest lives, now it's our turn to help you help others.

In order to fulfill your purpose and live an extraordinary life, you must feel 100% connected to everything you're doing. We help you to connect your values, purpose and business, so you can create a brand that connects with your ideal clients.

There's a reason you started your business and that could be many things for you - we call it "your sunshine". For us, we started this business so we could spend more time doing what we love. 

They didn't say it would be easy, they said it would be worth it! When your new brand is complete, you will be ready to #makewaves in your industry and impact many people's lives and we can't wait to help you do that. 

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What they're sayin'

 "I really felt as though Olivia clearly understood the vision I had for not only for the website, but for my business as a whole."

"I was at loss as to what to do with my branding, but I knew it needed change. Olivia captured the essence of what I do and who I am very easily, and she made my new logo and branding reflect just that."

"The more I worked with Olivia, the more I was impressed by her professionalism, class, and overall creativity in running her business. She is constantly on the move, creating ways to make her, and consequently her clients', services better."

“Working with Olivia was a great experience, she was fast and thorough and executed the vision in my head perfectly. I would recommend her to anyone who needed help with branding or website creation.”

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Custom Brand + Website Design

This all-inclusive package is for health + wellness professionals that are tired of DIY-ing their website, wasting their precious time bootstrapping design and are ready to illuminate their impact online. 

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Not quite ready to make the investment for a fully custom brand, but ready to make an impact online? I've got just the thing for you! Shop our ready made Showit templates that are easily customizable and made specifically for health & wellness businesses.

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Olivia Sylvestro

Behind the design

Frequent flyer, barefoot dancer, yogi & creative, Olivia Sylvestro built Current Design Studio after seeing so many health & wellness businesses struggle to share their purpose. 

With her design skills, knack for story-telling and an innate interest in the human race, Olivia has helps dozens of wellpreneurs build brands and websites that make an impact online and convert to sales. 

Why health + wellness?

"As a yoga instructor, former gymnast and marathon runner I have always been surrounded by people who believe that when you're a good person and work hard, the rest will follow; and I want to continue to surround myself with those people. Because I live in the health + wellness space, I connect with the work you do on a personal level and think the world needs what you have to offer.

I'm telling you - no one wants to see you succeed more than me"

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